Monday, May 21, 2012

O garden of mine

       So its that time of year again. The time we spend more time in the yard making the outside of our homes as beautiful as the inside. I personally love being in the yard, working and tending to the earth. Allowing nature to flourish, basking in the beauty that is created with a little sweat and determination. My favorite part is walking around the plant stores and waiting for a plant to jump out at you. Then you take it home and find the perfect little spot to make its new home. 
  Seems every year I discover a new project. This year is my dreaded hill. One word Blah. I really wanted to put in a retaining wall, maybe pushing the hill back a few feet, but alas thats not in the cards. I just want to break up the grassy hill, I think some depth and color will go a long way.

    This is something that jumped out at me the other day. I love it!! Its my favorite plant in the yard right now. I love the color. It called Calibrachoa aka Aloha Tiki Orange. It now sits above the herb garden, looking lovely.
   These lillies decided to pop open and say hello today as well. I have had these lillies in the garden for 3 years now. They are simply beautiful and make me smile. I think they scream spring!
    I been working so hard to create an oasis in my yard. A place I can go to relax and cast out the woes of my day. A place where I can sit under the mulberry tree and just smell and listen to nature as she works all around me. A place to lose yourself in. I want to be able to sit back there and forget for just a minute about the hustle and bustle of the city, and absorb every little living thing. For a minute to just pretend I'm somewhere out in the country deep in a beautiful secluded secret garden. A place to just exist.